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Tianhong Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 and is currently registered in the Power Industrial Park, Xuzhuang Town, Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou City, north of Xuhai Road. The company has a total investment of 300 million yuan and a registered capital of 100 million yuan.

Since the establishment of the company, it has always followed the business philosophy of "technical guidance, service first, integrity-based", insists on taking the interests of customers as its own responsibility, and pays attention to product research and development investment. Strictly operate in accordance with the ISO9000 quality management system standards, strive for refinement, pragmatism and innovation, and provide customers with high-quality products and transformer solutions that meet the characteristics of each region.

The company enrolls more than 500 new employees, including 10 engineers and more than 50 technicians with intermediate technical titles. With the domestic advanced technology, production and testing equipment, the company uses computer-aided design in accordance with the operating standards of the ISO9000 quality certification system. Customers provide environmentally friendly, energy-saving, low-carbon high-quality products that meet the characteristics of various regions to meet the market and the fundamental needs of different customers.

Tianhong Power Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces S11, S13 series, 10KV, 20KV, 35KV oil-immersed power transformers; SCB10 series, SCB12 series, SBH15 series 10KV, 20KV 35KV epoxy resin cast dry power transformers; The product has passed the national transformer quality supervision and inspection, the national medium and low voltage transmission equipment quality supervision and inspection, the new product and new technology acceptance certification of Jiangsu Province, the quality inspection of the national electrical product quality supervision and inspection, and the PCCC certification of electric energy (Beijing) certification. And get the registered model registration certificate.

The marketing network and service network of Tianhong Electric Power Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. have been perfected and will be further extended to domestic and foreign markets. The company implements the "7 * 24 service mechanism". The company ’s products are implemented for one-year free replacement, three-year warranty and lifetime warranty After-sales service policy, provide customers with timely and considerate services, improve product utilization value and services, and solve customers' worries, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win for both supply and demand, and common development.

The company's products cover the national market, and have been awarded and approved by the State Grid Corporation of Gansu Electric Power Company, Anhui Electric Power Company, Henan Electric Power Company, Jiangsu Electric Power Company and other state-owned companies.

Tianhong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. plans to cooperate with domestic universities Harbin Institute of Technology to develop high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly transformer products; plans to introduce a high-level talent from Harbin Institute of Technology to develop core products with independent intellectual property rights At the same time, it has applied for the provincial and municipal double innovation project, and currently has a patent project on transformer heat dissipation, rain prevention, and transformer oil leakage prevention.

In the future development, Tianhong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. will, as always, take modern footsteps and management concepts as its guidance, with the goal of sustainable development and win-win situation, the company will continue to expand the scale of production and improve the quality of products. Make the company continue to develop in the direction of scale and intensive. Not only pay attention to the economic benefits of enterprises; but also pursue the social benefits of enterprises. Take the development path of giving priority to honest business services, increase the investment in science and technology, and accelerate the pace of enterprise development. Make enterprises move towards modern large-scale enterprises of energy saving, environmental protection and technology. Committed to becoming a domestic priority global high-quality transformer product comprehensive service manufacturer.


Main business

The marketing network and service network of Tianhong Power Technology Co., Ltd. have been improved

The company will further promote to the domestic and foreign markets. The company implements the "7 * 24 service mechanism". The company implements the after-sales service policy of one-year free replacement, three-year warranty and life-long warranty for its products. Welcome to come for consultation.

Contact us

# Address: No. 22, Xuhai Road, Industrial Park, Xuzhuang Town, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

# Phone: +86-18652185732(Sales)

# Telephone: +86-18652185732(service)

# Email: 1920745142@qq.com

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