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Key technologies and measures for energy saving and consumption reduction of transformers

Release time:2020-05-12 16:11:31      Number of hits:386

Due to the relatively large proportion of single-phase power load in distribution transformers and their power supply and distribution systems, and with the widespread use of various energy-saving electrical equipment and energy-saving lamps, the three-phase load of distribution transformers is unbalanced The greater the degree, the larger the corresponding loss, which means that the load loss caused by the three-phase imbalance is very large.

Reduce the unbalance of three-phase load through reasonable adjustment of phase-to-phase load, so that the three-phase load of the distribution transformer is almost close to the balance relationship, so that a better phase-to-phase balance relationship can be obtained, and the active loss during the operation of the distribution transformer can be reduced And reactive power consumption, improve the conversion efficiency of power distribution scheduling.

It can be seen from the operating conditions of the distribution transformer and the load curve between it and the load that the reactive load of the distribution transformer is mainly concentrated in the light load or no-load operating conditions. At this time, excitation reactive power will be generated and its consumption Reactive capacity is about 10% to 15% of the rated capacity of the distribution transformer. Therefore, centralized reactive power compensation measures can be taken. By reasonable selection of SVC, SVG, TSC and other reactive power compensation devices, the mortgaged reactive power compensation capacitor is connected to the distribution transformer bus side through the load switch, and the system is operated in light or no load. At the time of the situation, it is reasonable to switch capacitors to perform real-time reactive power compensation, increase the power factor of the 10kV distribution system, reasonably reduce the operating loss of the distribution transformer, and at the same time achieve the energy-saving economic effect of improving the low-voltage and improving the voltage quality of the parts.

Reasonable energy-saving measures such as optimal energy-saving distribution transformers, combined economic dispatch operation of multiple distribution transformers, optimal adjustment of three-phase loads, and appropriate reactive power compensation in the distribution network can reduce the operating losses of the distribution transformer legal person, thereby achieving The purpose of economic regulation and control of energy saving and consumption reduction.

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