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Different transformers are suitable for different environments

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Transformers are the key equipment in the power circuit of many machines and equipments, and they play a very critical role. There are many types of transformers. Mastering the classification of transformers is helpful for everyone to choose a more suitable type of transformer for their application. The natural environment available for different types of transformers is usually different. Let's take a look at the following with power equipment installation manufacturers.

1. Single-phase electrical transformers are common in power circuits of single-phase electrical loads.

2. Three-phase transformers are used to transform the working voltage of the elevator in the three-phase circuit system software.

3. Dry-test transformers use gas heat convection to cool down, suitable for small-volume transformers, such as some lighting fixtures or some small electronic circuits, and oil-immersed transformers cool down according to oil immersion.

4. Power engineering transformers are commonly used in working voltage conversion of transmission and transformation system software.

5. Instrument transformers are used in various voltage transformers or relay protection devices.

6. Experimental transformers can cause high voltage, so it is common for everyone to do high-voltage tests on other power projects.

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