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PRODUCTDry-type power transformer

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Product Name:SG (B) 11 series unencapsulated coil three-phase dry-type power transformer

Updated:2020-05-18 17:59:07

Product Details

1. The well-designed coil structure and vacuum impregnation process make SG (B) 11 transformers without partial discharge, and there is no cracking and insulation level degradation throughout the life of the transformer.

2. The high voltage adopts continuous winding, low voltage foil winding, overall vacuum impregnation and curing treatment and high strength ceramic support, which has a good ability to withstand sudden short circuit current.

3. Flame retardant, flame retardant, self-extinguishing, fire prevention.

4. Under high temperature open flame, SG (B) 11 transformer has almost no smoke.

5. The transformer is Class H (180 ° C) insulated.

6. The insulating layer is thin and uniform. Strong short-term overload capacity, no forced cooling, 120% long-term overload, 140% overload for 3 hours. Since this insulating material is not aging and elastic, it can be fully loaded immediately at 50 ° C.

Conditions of Use

1. Ambient temperature: -50 ° C ~ +50 "C

2. Altitude: ≤1000m

3. Other contents that exceed the requirements of this technical condition shall be handled by the user in consultation with the technical department, and shall be noted when ordering.

Model meaning


product description

The non-encapsulated coil three-phase dry-type power transformer produced by the US UL approved NOMEX insulation system has the advantages of reliability, energy saving, fire prevention, explosion protection, and simple maintenance. Its advanced design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, and main performance indicators are better than domestic standards, such as partial discharge level, no-load loss, load loss, noise, and ability to adapt to high humidity environment. It can be installed near lakes, seas, and rivers Pollution and humid environment and high fire protection requirements, areas with high load, suitable for high-rise buildings, airports, stations, docks, subways, power plants, metallurgical industry, shopping, densely populated areas, petrochemical, nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines and other places.

SG (B) 11 series unencapsulated coil three-phase dry-type power transformer performance parameters


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