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SERVICETechnical Support

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Tianhong Power Technology Co., Ltd. carefully observes the market and the needs of users around the world. While providing high-quality products, it also pursues the service concept of "people-oriented and honest operation". For the purpose of "customer first", we will serve our customers wholeheartedly, and our services will always accompany you.

Service objectives:Make you satisfied

Service purposes:Customer service, customer first

Service items:Technical training, maintenance services

Service Features:365 days, 7 × 24 hours; the whole process of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale: to provide you with high-quality services with peace of mind.


Strictly implement in accordance with relevant regulations, in line with the tenet of "for the sake of users, to be responsible to users and to satisfy users" Quick service in place.

The product has quality problems during the three-guarantee period. After receiving user feedback, it will immediately make treatment suggestions and provide services in a timely manner; respond to the visitors and deal with them in time.

Adhere to the pre-sale and after-sale service, and regularly provide business technical training for dealer service stations around the country.

Plan to continue to establish and improve the service network to meet service needs, provide users with satisfactory services and adequate supply of accessories.


Main business

The marketing network and service network of Tianhong Power Technology Co., Ltd. have been improved

The company will further promote to the domestic and foreign markets. The company implements the "7 * 24 service mechanism". The company implements the after-sales service policy of one-year free replacement, three-year warranty and life-long warranty for its products. Welcome to come for consultation.

Contact us

# Address: No. 22, Xuhai Road, Industrial Park, Xuzhuang Town, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

# Phone: +86-18652185732(Sales)

# Telephone: +86-18652185732(service)

# Email: 1920745142@qq.com

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